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Established in 1978 after being around horses since the early 1950’s.

De Nova bloodlines carry some of the best old-world ArabianCrabbet  lines, Indian Light, Spindrift, Rikham, Royal Domino and Alrawd just to name a few.  Our original stallion, De Nova Desert Drift is now deceased.  He has sired many safe children's ponies, a pleasure to own and excelling at home, Pony Club and in the Show ring.  We have kept four of his daughters to continue the bloodline.  Three of his daughters, De Nova Desert Aimee, De Nova Desert Latif, De Nova Desert Jillaroo  together with his grandaughters De Nova Tamara and De Nova Desert Genie have been retained for stud duties to carry on his bloodlines.
We have replaced Drifter with three other stallions - Aldersyde Kennedy (Chen), 100% Crabbet chestnut purebred arabian,  De Nova Cimarron a registered AHSA partbred buckskin and De Nova Silver Brumby a ASP registerd Cremello (now deceased).   These stallions ensure I keep producing dilutes,  Cimarron date  produce SIX buckskins from SIX different mares, 100% buckskin so far and Silver being cremello guarantee's dilutes, two buckskins from two bay mares and a palomino from a chestnut.



                               FROHLICH GERMAN SHEPHERDS 

                                Established 1996 after owning German Shepherds since 1970.

  Frohlich bloodlines has  the traditional straight backs.  pure blacks.   Frohlich bitches carry lines to Vonforell Pasco (V) and Shepbrae (V) lines through Challenge winner Jinnvela Nevada (V) and A/Ch Llacfarra Echo (V).   Champshep Nacht Wachter (Tor)  is our stunning black stud dog is now deceased.  He had a lovely laid back temperament which he passed onto his pups.  His pups are proven as great allrounders excelling in  Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Endurance, Family companion and Security.   Two of his daughters have been retained for breeding - Frohlich Sheba, black and tan and Frohlich Ulani, pure black.

OUR AIM is to produce exceptional ponies and dogs, ideal for families and a pleasure to own.  We emphasize the significance of conformation  and soundness, and most important is a flawless temperament with great attitude, friendly, inquisitive, sociable,  loyal, willing to please and a dream to train.  The versatility of the ponies and dogs speak for themselves they are great all-rounders,  going from paddock to show ring and excelling in any pursuit that is required of them. 




The photos used for the pedigrees have been obtained from my own photo albums,  friends and other breeders photo albums and old magazines.   They have been collected over many years, the quality is not as good as it should be and the age is showing on some.   As there are over 1,000 horses and 500 German Shepherds in the DataBase, adding photos will be a never ending project.